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Satanta, KS

We Service the Satanta, KS area with 10, 20, 30 and 40 Cubic Yard Roll Off Dumpsters.

We appreciate you visit to www.rightawaydumpsterrentals.com. We realize you have many choices when it comes to dumpster rental services in Satanta, KS and look forward to providing you with a pleasant experience at a reasonable price. We carry four different size roll off dumpsters in Satanta, KS which include a 10 cubic yard, 20 cubic yard, 30 cubic yard and a 40 cubic yard container in the Satanta, KS area. Our pricing includes the delivery of the dumpster rental, the haul once you are done using the unit, a 10 day rental period and a disposal allowance ranging from 2 tons to 6 tons depending on which roll off dumpster size you select.

Please note that dumpsters may be kept longer than 10 days and disposal may exceed what is included with each dumpster. Extra charges will apply. Please contact our Sales Department with specific questions regarding your dumpster rental needs for your project.

Tips when renting a dumpster in Satanta, KS:

With careful planning you can not only help ensure a smooth dumpster rental experience in Satanta, KS but also minimize overall costs as much as possible. Based on our experiences we have made a list of items that can help you as the customer have the best possible overall experience.

1) Plan Ahead:

We need at least one business day to make deliveries to Satanta, KS. Cut off times for next business day deliveries is 1 PM local time. Orders that arrive after 1 PM will likely be delivered in two business days. Likewise, we do require one day notice to exchange or swap out an existing dumpster with another one if more than one container is needed to complete a job. Rarely can we provide same day service in Satanta, KS but it is possible, so please contact Customer Service for such availability. Please note that we only deliver dumpster rentals in Satanta, KS Monday - Friday. No trucks operate in Satanta, KS on weekends and holidays.

2) Select the correct size dumpster rental for your project in Satanta, KS:

Selecting the wrong size container will almost always lead to unnecessary expenses. If you select a dumpster rental that is too large you have wasted money on a dumpster you don’t need. A dumpster rental too small may mean needing additional hauls which will certainly be more expensive than having had one larger dumpster to begin with. Think of every two cubic yards of space as the equivalent of one standard pick up truck load. We find that by converting cubic yards to pick up truck loads customers are best able to visualize the size of container they are selecting. It is important to understand the dimensions of the dumpster rental you select. For dimensions of our roll off dumpsters please see below:

10 Cubic Yard
10 Cubic Yard

20 Cubic Yard
20 Cubic Yard

30 Cubic Yard
30 Cubic Yard

40 Cubic Yard
40 Cubic Yard

3) Do not dispose of items that are not acceptable by law or by the landfill in Satanta, KS:

Many municipalities including Satanta, KS have enacted ordinances and statutes banning certain hazardous or flammable items from the landfills. For a complete list of items we cannot haul in the Satanta, KS area, please visit our frequently asked questions page for a comprehensive list of items that are banned from the landfills. Please note that dumpsters filled with prohibited items will be returned to the customer and cause additional expenses. If you are unsure whether the items you seek to dispose of are allowed, please ask Customer Service.

4) Beware of Heavy Loads in Satanta, KS:

By law, the maximum weight we can haul is about 10 tons or 20,000 lbs. in Satanta, KS. In an effort to ensure compliance, we will ask about the types of debris you seek to dispose. Heavy construction items such as dirt, concrete, asphalt, plaster, etc.. may only be disposed of in a 10 Cubic yard container. This is to ensure that we do not exceed the 10 ton capacity and are able to safely transport the discarded materials to the appropriate disposal sites. Also please note that preferred (recycling) pricing may be available if you seek to dispose of an uncontaminated load of such items.

5) Contact us once you are done with the dumpster rental to schedule a removal:

As a policy we do not remove the dumpster rentals in Satanta, KS until you call us to schedule a removal. We adhere to this policy in an effort to ensure your dumpster rental is not arbitrarily removed prior to the conclusion of your project. Many customers seek to keep the dumpster rentals past the 10 days included. Therefore, we do ask that you call us once the job is complete and schedule the removal. If it helps, we are able to schedule the removal date of the dumpster at the time your order is placed.

6) Ensure placement location of the dumpster is carefully planned:

Roll off trucks by nature are very heavy. A roll off truck with an empty dumpster on its back can weigh as much as 12-15 tons. Therefore, it is critical that the drop off location of the dumpster be one that is firm and can sustain the weight of the truck as well as the weight of the dumpster once it is unloaded. Typically hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, gravel or compacted dirt are ideal. We prefer not to drop containers on grass, loose dirt areas, muddy areas or other soft surfaces as the weight of the container can cause it to sink. A 4x8 sheet of plywood placed at the desired drop off location can help prevent any scratching to the drop off area.

Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction as a valued customer. We work very hard to provide a quality service at a reasonable price to Satanta, KS. Please contact our Sales or Customer Service staff with any questions that may not have been answered in this page. Our trusted representatives are happy to provide any assistance and to help schedule your dumpster rental in Satanta, KS!